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Larpy Argos

When, where and for how much?

The third run of Mir is to take place at 13-15 October 2017 at the Grodziec Castle. The participation fee is 430 zł (roughly 100 e). In this fee you will find the participation in the event, a lodging (youth hostel standard), catering and alcohol during the game. We provide the option of spending the night in-game.

Please submit your character

via our form.

Right now we are open to all of your suggestions, later on there might be a list of characters to choose from.

The participation fee should be covered by 31 August 2017 by wire transfer to the following bank account: 

43 1140 2004 0000 3902 4122 0300
Kamil Bartczak, Kościuszki street 169/26, Wrocław (or contact us if you would have any problems with a bank wire)

Please title the transfer : "Mir - third run" including the name and surname of the person for whom the fee is paid.

We are here to answer all of your questions - you can address them at  info[at]argos.edu[dot]pl