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A living world

The game takes place in the Known World, and universe familiar to the players attending previous Geas larps and Fantazjada. You can read about it in detail on Fantazjada’s webpage, but for this game only a fraction of this knowledge will be important. The players will take control of Mir – one of many Antalian regions. Our larp gives the players the opportunity not only to shape the events they participate in but also the game world. The 30-some mile long plot of land will not become the epicenter of a world-wide conflict, a cross-universe battle arena or the home of an inter-planar portal.

Nonetheless, in the scale of the game the players will have control over the future of Mir. It is our goal as the game designers to make the experience as broad and full as possible.

The following part of the document contains all the information you will need. The game will be multi-faceted, to shape the simulation aspect of the larp.

• a social facet – the characters will come from different social standings, the relationships between them including feudal ties. The game will happen at the level of the smallest social cell – the family. Your character will have parents, siblings, a spouse and children. We want you to feel like a part of a living land.

•  an econominc facet – the financial means available to the character according to their social standing – from two square feet of land to four villages. Each settlement, mill or field visible on the Mir map will have an owner. Managing your property, raiding neighbors or peacekeeping will affect your and your subjects’ wealth.

• a political facet – the seigneury bounds determine the dependencies between the characters, distinguish the rulers from the subjects. Will you try to gain as much as you can for yourself or strive for a greater good using political means? Yes, Mir will be – partially – a‘conspiracy larp’. A good conspiracy larp.

• an adventure facet – nevertheless, you will not be deprived the pleasure of arriving to an adventure of your life, sword in hand.

• a spiritual and intelectual facet – faith, science and art will be present in the game as more than acameo. Ideas affect reality, and it’s the same in Mir. Regardless whether you devote yourself to unraveling the will of god, constructing machines, creating music or weaving magic each of these actions will leave a mark on the land and its inhabitants