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Mir is an immersive fantasy larp taking place at the magnificient Grodzicec castle. The story designed for a few runs and simulational approach to game world are only few of its unique features. Scenography and props will assure a 360 degree illusion. The same goes for in-game accomodation, food and alcohol.

Mir is giving the control over the game realm to the players. We want to make a gaming experience and participants' power to be greater than ever.

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Our webpage is ready! We have also introduced a submission form and the possibility of paying the participation fee – you will find all of these informations here.  We enter a period of intense work and new updates and informations will appear often. Meanwhile, you can read the description of the game – either on our webpage or in the design doc.


Larp high definition Mir Larp high definition Mir Larp high definition Mir

How do we play?

  • "High definition" larp – The game will be hosted at magnificient Grodziec castle. The scenography, props and fantastic location will make Mir as close to a 360 degree illusion as possible..
  • A personal adventure - Mir adopts a personal approach to the player’s character. No player will be defined as ‘only’ a member of a faction or team or as a background character.
  • Influence and consequences - Mir is planned as aserie of three run). This means that you not only can continue playing your character in the following editions, but his/her actions will influence the future.
  • Secrets– There will be secrets to discover, plot twists to foresee or be surprised by. This is not because we aim to manipulate our players, but due to the fact that many players favor knowing only as much as their characters do.
  • World simulation – In this aspect we will attempt to go further than anyone has ventured before. Political and economic life, marriages and tangled relations, faith and science – the player’s influence on the land’s fate – you will find all of this in Mir.
  • DKWDDK - Mir will have no game mechanics, following the rule that what you can do what can show. This way we allow safe-weapon fighting or supernatural events to take place – if only they are convincingly role-played.
  • Play for flow - What we would like to offer is ‘play-for-flow’, which means acting accordingly to the personality of your character while being self-conscious about the way you influence the story for yourself and others. You’re the villain? Do not hesitate to play boldly and harm others. On the other hand, try to be as convincing when portraying your fall and possible punishment.
  • NS Larp - Mir is a narrative (set on creating and experiencing a story) and simulation (meant to re-create the game world and immerse in it). It is not a gamer larp, where the players are encouraged to win.
  • Choose your game - Within the abovementioned frame Mir will allow for various styles of play. Action, politics or immersion will all be welcome and present. There will be religion in its whole broad spectrum – from ardent, heroic belief to cynical simony. There also is the option of ‘opt-out’ – to omit the aspects they do not enjoy.
  • Ecstatic larp - We want Mir to have moments that will totally overwhelm the players. The ingame 360 degree illusion, the dance, the music, the food, the sleep – our goal is to allow the players to reach a state in which the created reality pulls the person in and provides all of the stimuli.
  • Multi-lingual - Mir is open to foreigners. The Known World includes countries other than Antalia and realms other than Mir. If your character speaks German, they will be from Hammerstein. Should they speak Italian – they will haul from Torreno. English is a lingua franca of sorts, which may be known to any player, also in-game.
  • Rated R - We do not aim to shock or flood our players with controversial topics, but violence and eroticism will be somewhat present at Mir. For that reason we mark our game as 18+

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